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New Phone System At Village Office

The Village Of Gibsonburg has obtained a new phone system for 2021. Please reference the following information in contacting the office by phone, use the "Contact" part of this site to email the office, you can dial any of the office lines to reach an extension:

Office Lines: 419-637-2323, 419-637-2634, 419-637-6004, 419-637-7166

Fax Line: 419-637-7306

Once your connected to the office system please dial the following extensions, all extensions have voicemail:

301- Utility Office/General Questions
302- Fiscal Officer/Tax Department
303- Administrator


Police Department

The Gibsonburg Police Department works to ensure the safety of the Village and to enforce various statutes and ordinances.

Fire Department

Fire & Medical protection provided to Village and Madison Township residents by volunteers & Sandusky County EMS.

Tax Department

Local tax department with online and in-person assistance available.

Utility Department

Goal is to provide excellent response to the public need and to maintain piping, drainage, and utilities.

Water Department

Maintains the water supply systems up to 900,000 gallon storage for residents and tests water samples.


Zoning Ordinances are in place to ensure the safety and quality of life in our community.  

Street Department

Maintenance of public streets, parks and various properties.

Economic Development

Multiple places available for business development.  

Parks & Recreation

Multiple parks in and out of town for recreations, sport, leisure, and special functions.  

Wastewater Treatment

Central sewage treatment facility inside village limits for local waste water control and sanitation.

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