New Council Ordinance

Village of Gibsonburg Facebook post Dated March 31, 2020:

**Income Tax Update**
At the March 19, 2020 Council Meeting, the following was unanimously passed regarding Village of Gibsonburg Income Tax. Please contact the Income Tax Office at (419) 637-6004 or should you have any questions:
Motion to waive all interest and penalties related to the filing and payment of the tax year 2019, Village of Gibsonburg municipal income tax, only if the actual income tax return is filed and all tax due is paid in full, within the time frame allowed by law (due date or legal IRS and State of Ohio extension). This will take effect as of March 20, 2020, and will remain in effect for the remainder of 2020, for tax returns due to be filed and paid in full for tax year 2019. The 2019 tax return must be filed and all tax due paid in full by the original due date, or legal IRS and State of Ohio extension, in order to have interest and penalties abated. If any 2019 tax return is not filed and tax paid in full, by the original due date, or legal IRS extension, all interest, penalties, and late filing fees will be assessed and due. This interest and penalty abatement is only for tax year 2019 and does not apply to previously filed, or previously required to be filed, tax returns. This also does not apply to any future tax returns that will be required to be filed (tax years 2020 and beyond).
This motion may be adjusted or changed at any time, by order of council, or by any Federal or State law or directive that may supersede this order.

**This aligns with the adjusted filing dates for the State of Ohio and Federal Government**