The Village provides protection to its residents and Madison Township from the firehouse located at 120 North Main Street.  The volunteers that make up the local fire service consist of a chief, assistant chief, captain, six lieutenants, and fifty firefighters.

The Department is equipped with two engines (pumpers), tanker, grass fighter, equipment/responder pickup truck, breathing air trailer, lighting trailer, and rescue boat.  Specialty equipment includes the “Hurst Jaws of Life” rescue tool, rescue air bags, thermal imaging device, multi-gas monitors, twenty-four self-contained breathing apparatuses and forty-three spare breathing air cylinders.

The Department maintains an interoperable communications system with all fire departments throughout Sandusky County and the surrounding area.  In addition to maintaining base radio communications at the fire station, voice pagers for all members, inner department cell phone alerts, response tracking, with messaging, primary and secondary communication mobile radios in all trucks, and twenty-one portable radios are utilized by the Department.

The Village has an ISO class of 5 and is constantly making efforts to lower it.  This helps to reduce fire insurance rates.  The Sandusky County 911 Center provides emergency dispatching 24 hours a day and insures that an appropriate response is made to any emergency.

The Department also participates in a mutual aid pact through the Sandusky County Firemen’s Association which insures back-up response in the event of a large-scale emergency.  Many safety standards in effect require a large response for seemingly small fires.  This helps the citizens and protects the firefighters.

The Department also has access to the shared countywide resources, such as the Fire Investigation Team and Hazardous Material Team.  Emergency medical services are provided by Sandusky County.  Station # 14, which is 1.5 miles from the fire station, is staffed with highly skilled paramedics on a 24 hour basis.  Four other emergency medical stations are strategically located throughout the county.

Your Department provides many other services – Fire Prevention, Public Education, Safety Inspection, and speakers, if requested, for many special topics.  For additional information you can call (419) 637-2160 or click on the contact page.

The volunteers that make up the local fire service take a great deal of pride in their contribution toward keeping the Village of Gibsonburg a safe community.