Water Department

The present water system is supplied from six deep limestone wells. The water requires only minimal chlorine and aeration treatment. Storage and pressure are obtained through the use of a 200,000 gallon above ground tank. Additional storage capacity is obtained through a 70,000 gallon underground tank and a 500,000 gallon above ground tank for a total storage capacity of 770,000 gallons of potable water. Present water system capacity is 900,000 gallons a day and average consumption is calculated at 310,000 gallons per day, with peak consumption at 410,000 gallons per day. Available water pressure which is determined by tower height is 54 to 55 pounds per square inch.

The Gibsonburg Water Works has a rich history of providing reliable water service for more than 100 years. The plant is equipped with emergency back-up generators, so even during extended power outages, should they occur, service to local residents and businesses is not interrupted. A licensed operator is employed to operate the facility.

Water Superintendent- Brad Hershey

Water Superintendent- Rob Helle