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A Recreational Advisory Board has been established to oversee all youth sports programs in the Village of Gibsonburg outside of those operated by the school.  The Advisory Board consists of representatives from each of the following youth programs.




Flag Football

Each youth sports program operates under its own committee, comprised of volunteers, coaches, and parents.  These committees make sure the fundamentals of each program are followed and work to establish a successful program year over year.  The individual committees operate in much the same way that they have in years past when they were their own separate entities, but now have a better ability to work together. 

By bringing all of these programs together under one roof, the Recreational Advisory Board is able to better manage the operations and ensure sound financial controls are in place.  The goal of the Advisory Board and Program Committees is to provide our youth with the best possible sports programs each year.  

Committees are forming now and are looking for volunteers who want to be part of making youth sports in the Village of Gibsonburg a success.


Recreational Committee "Message Form"