Williams Park

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Williams Park is located on East Stone Street

  • Five baseball/softball fields.
  • Concession stand.
  • Multi-use building.
  • Two Shelter houses (one open air and one enclosed).
  • Two volleyball courts (natural grass surface).
  • The Northcoast Veterans Museum.
  • Williams Park Veterans Memorial (Remembrance Wall and other smaller memorials: plane, tank, etc…).
  • Man-made quarry lake approximately 1/3 mile in circumference.
  • Lighted water fountain and water falls highlight, located in the center of the lake.
  • 1/3 mile paved walking path around lake.
  • Handicap fishing platform
  • Observation platform
  • Reflection Point overlooking lake
  • 33 unique sculptures provided by area artists located at various places around the lake. 8 of these are permanent donations while the remainder rotate approximately every two years for the “Sculpture in the Village” event.
  • Two playgrounds with age appropriate play equipment
  • Picnic area with grills, tables, and benches
  • One basketball court.
  • Butterfly Garden with observation area.
  • Bird blind and observation area.

For more information or reservation requests contact the Village Office @ 419-637-2323 Extension 301. For further contacts click HERE