Tax Department

As of 2021 ALL tax collections and monitoring for Gibsonburg residents will be thru R.I.T.A. (Regional Income Tax Agency)

Taxes will NO longer be collected at the Gibsonburg village office. For any questions please contact R.I.T.A. at 1-800-860-7482.

Visit their web site at


Codified Ordinances of Gibsonburg Ohio

To view the entire Ordinance Code for Gibsonburg Ohio, click HERE

To view the tax ordinance, click HERE.


” To provide funds for the purpose of general municipal operations, maintenance, new equipment, extension and enlargement of municipal services and facilities and capital improvements of the Village of Gibsonburg, there shall be, and is hereby levied a tax on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation, and on net profits as hereinafter provided. ”  
(Ord. 839.  Passed 12-7-64)