Mosquito Spraying 2024

Hey Everyone! True Results Pest & Rodent Control will be handling mosquito treatment for the village of Gibsonburg this season.

-This year we are going to be treating the catch basins ( sewer drains ) for mosquito breeding. This is to prevent the population of adult mosquitoes from spreading more. This treatment will be done every Wednesday from 6:00AM-10:00AM. If it is raining or extremely windy we will be doing it the following day.

This material is not harmful. It targets mosquito larva only.

-Fogging will be done every Thursday before weekend festivals.

-To help the community prevent mosquitos from breeding please make sure you have no empty tires outside on your property. One tire can produce over 10,000 mosquito. Make sure you have no stagnant water on your property. Small untreated pools, dog bowls, flower pots, or even open containers. 300 mosquitoes can breed in 1 bottle cap. As Zika & West Nile grow every year. Be preventative as possible.

Any questions, concerns, or bookings, please go HERE