Ordinance 9-2024 “Feeding stray cats and dogs”

Ordinance 9-2024 "Feeding stray cats and dogs"

At the April 18, 2024 Council Meeting, after much discussion, research, listening, gathering feedback from community members, and speaking with other communities, Council passed Ordinance 9-2024, which amended Chapter 505 of the Codified Ordinances to now include provisions for "feeding stray cats and dogs."

Please keep in mind the following:

1. Stray cats and dogs are not an issue exclusive to Gibsonburg. Many other communities struggle with this issue as well.
2. We are fully aware that attempting to address the issue is a "no win" situation for us as it does not seem possible to balance making some happy and some unhappy, but an attempt at something needed to be done to address the issue and the new legislation is a step in that direction.
3. Should you encounter issues with the feeding of stray cats and dogs and wish to make a complaint, the proper procedure to do so is to contact Town Hall at 419 637 2323 Extension 303, or the Administrator E-Mail. We will look into the issue as soon as we can and respond as needed.
4. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE GIBSONBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT. We will work with GPD to address any issues that are found to be credible first.
5. Please do not post potential issues on social media. WE DO NOT MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA 24/7.
6. In the event that the Ordinance is enforced against someone and a fine is potentially levied against them, any funds received from the fine will be directed to an agency that can assist with their spaying and/or neutering program.